Buy aesthetic products. Euflexxa vs Orthovisc: Exploring Differences in Viscosupplementation

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Peck et al.’s (2021) comprehensive review highlights viscosupplementation’s capacity to reduce pain and boost joint functional mobility. This non-surgical solution underscores hyaluronic acid injections as effective treatments for knee osteoarthritis.

For people suffering from the discomfort of knee osteoarthritis (OA), injections of a natural body substance called hyaluronic acid have become a popular solution. Providers inject the treatment directly into the joints, enabling patients to return to their daily routines and active lifestyles. Products like Euflexxa and Orthovisc relieve knee OA pain, bringing much-needed comfort to patients.

This article delves into the Euflexxa injection and its difference to Orthovisc, the three-injection therapy’s potential side effects, and the preventive measures for adverse events after treatment.

Key Takeaways

  • Euflexxa works in two ways to treat knee osteoarthritis: it lubricates and cushions the joint and reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Euflexxa and Orthovisc have earned the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating knee osteoarthritis.
  • Patients can experience common side effects that are mild to moderate and can be temporary after their Euflexxa injections.
  • Medical practitioners must discuss the common and uncommon risks and complications of Euflexxa treatments.
  • Communicating with a healthcare provider gives patients a clear understanding and broad knowledge of Euflexxa treatments. 
  • While common and uncommon side effects may occur after Euflexxa injections, healthcare providers may require patients to regularly visit to monitor treatment progress and symptoms. 

Understanding Euflexxa Injections for Knee Osteoarthritis

Euflexxa developed its injection with its high molecular weight and linear structure, creating a hyaluronic acid (HA) resembling the natural, healthy HA in the knee joints. The synovial fluid in the knee contains HA that allows the joints to move smoothly without friction.

This fluid acts as a lubricant and shock absorber for the joints. Medical professionals use Euflexxa to treat knee pain caused by knee osteoarthritis (OA). According to Euflexxa, repeat therapy treatment was well-tolerated for an additional six (6) months.

Euflexxa works in two ways to treat knee OA: it lubricates and cushions the joint and reduces pain and inflammation. These benefits can help increase shock absorption and produce natural HA in the body. Healthcare providers must administer Euflexxa injections directly into the knee joint.

Medical professionals may recommend HA injection treatments for patients who have failed to respond to simple analgesics or other therapies. The standard Euflexxa treatment requires three injections, given once every week. According to reported clinical trials, pain relief can begin as early as a week after the first injection.

The orthopedic market offers various viscosupplementation brands for individuals seeking non-surgical solutions. Aside from Euflexxa, Orthovisc is also a known brand name for knee OA treatment. Both Euflexxa and Orthovisc have earned the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Both offer hyaluronic acid-based viscosupplements to treat knee OA.

Euflexxa has a slightly higher average molecular weight, is closer to the ideal weight, and has healthy knee synovial fluid properties. According to, Orthovisc’s patient reviews are 3% higher than Euflexxa’s. Clinical efficacy shows that Euflexxa needs three injections for optimal outcomes, while Orthovisc needs three to four injections.

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Despite these few differences, Euflexxa and Orthovisc have shown similar approaches in their highly purified and non-avian hyaluronan in their formulation. Medical professionals should also administer these injections intra-articularly. However, patients must consult their trusted doctors for the most suitable viscosupplement for their knee OA concerns.

Common Side Effects of Euflexxa Injections

Like other medical or aesthetic treatments, Euflexxa injections have side effects. These common side effects are mild to moderate and can be temporary. Typically, these side effects are not worrying; however, medical consultation is necessary if they persist.

  • Pain at the Injection Site: This is a common side effect of Euflexxa injections. You can manage it with ice application, which may subside over time.
  • Swelling and Erythema: These side effects can diminish a few days or a week after the injection. Medical professionals may recommend that patients apply ice to the affected area to manage the side effects.
  • Joint Effusion: The prescribing information requires the removal of any present joint effusion in the treatment area before the Euflexxa injection begins.

Euflexxa also shared common adverse events reported in their two clinical trials. It’s best to seek medical attention when these side effects occur.

  • Joint Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Limb Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Joint Swelling

So, does Euflexxa cause weight gain? Euflexxa injections do not list weight gain as a side effect. However, everyone’s body reacts differently, so it’s always best to discuss these concerns with credible and licensed practitioners to learn more about the potential treatment effects.

Uncommon but Serious Complications

Medical practitioners must discuss the common and uncommon risks and complications of Euflexxa treatments. This allows the patients to understand the treatment and its potential dangers. While Euflexxa is generally safe for most individuals, it may lead to several serious complications.

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  • Risk of Infection: Although infections may be rare after Euflexxa injections, they can still happen. Infection may present symptoms like fever, redness, and swelling and require consulting with your medical practitioner.
  • Euflexxa’s contraindications include knee or skin infections around the knee. If symptoms persist in the knee area longer than 48 hours after treatment, immediate medical consultations are necessary.
  • Hypersensitivity Reactions: These uncommon side effects may manifest as itching, rash, hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat. If a patient experiences signs of allergic reactions, seek immediate medical aid.

Preventive Measures and Risk Factors

Medical professionals know the best post-treatment care for patients’ Euflexxa injections. For 48 hours after the injection, patients should avoid strenuous activities, such as standing for more than an hour, jogging, or other physical activities that may stress the knee.

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Most individuals can use Euflexxa, but medical professionals must avoid certain conditions when using this HA injection, as outlined in the important safety information. Moreover, the Euflexxa manufacturer has not tested this treatment on specific populations, including pregnant and breastfeeding women and children.

  • Patients who have a known hypersensitivity to hyaluronan preparations.
  • Patients with knee joint infections, infections, or skin disease in the area of the injection site.

For common side effects like pain and swelling at the injection site, healthcare providers may advise patients to rest their knees or apply ice for a short time after the injection. It’s best to ask medical practitioners for the best post-treatment care to manage these side effects.

Recognizing and Managing Adverse Reactions in Clinical Practice

While common and uncommon side effects may occur after Euflexxa injections, healthcare providers may require patients to regularly visit to monitor treatment progress and symptoms. Patients should also remember that when symptoms feel bothering or worrisome, they should immediately consult their providers.

Moreover, healthcare providers must educate their patients about these side effects, allowing them to notice the treatment changes and symptoms. Patient education also provides comprehensive information that helps them understand their OA condition, overall health, and potential risks.

Patients can manage these side effects with the help of their medical practitioners. They can create a post-treatment plan to ensure a safe and effective Euflexxa three-injection therapy.

Patient Monitoring, Follow-up Care, and When to Seek Medical Attention

Post-injection monitoring is crucial for Euflexxa treatments to ensure safety and efficacy. Patients must inform their trusted healthcare providers about any unexpected changes in their post-treatment progress. This allows medical professionals to provide a safe treatment process for their patients.

If medical professionals have not required the patients for regular visits, self-monitoring guidance is crucial for Euflexxa-treated individuals. This includes observing for common side effects and reporting any persisting symptoms. Indications requiring medical attention include severe or long-lasting side effects such as joint pain, musculoskeletal pain, allergic reactions, or other problematic symptoms.

Communicating with a healthcare provider gives patients a clear understanding and broad knowledge of Euflexxa treatments. Their expertise also provides individuals with answers to their questions and concerns about their condition or the therapy.

Medical professionals can offer a patient-centric approach for knee osteoarthritis patients, creating a tailored treatment plan. These plans require a thorough consultation between both parties, ensuring that providers align Euflexxa’s benefits to patients without compromising patients’ goals, needs, and overall health.

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Euflexxa and Orthovisc offer practical solutions for temporarily treating knee osteoarthritis (OA). They share similarities in their composition and function but differ in molecular weight. Euflexxa boasts the clinical efficacy of its three-injection therapy, allowing OA patients to immediately feel relief as early as a week after the first injection.

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Euflexxa’s pain relief improves with every injection until the third and can last up to six (6) months. While side effects are inevitable, monitoring follow-up care and recognizing when to seek medical attention help manage them and uncommon adverse reactions. Healthcare providers can help patients maximize Euflexxa’s benefits without compromising their health.

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